Weather Sat

The following software was used in the above video:

SateliteTracker Plugin

Download the software, then follow the video.

All you need is a USB Freeview Stick:
These can he had off Ebay for Around £12

The following is take from the RIG (Remote Imaging Group website):

Welcome to the Remote Imaging Group.

The group caters for everyone interested in imaging from satellites, and has approximately 1,000 members in 45+ countries.

RIG is an internationally recognised and represents the interests of members, to the Radio Communications Agency in the UK, to Eumetsat in Europe and to NOAA in the USA.

We promote and support the live reception and use of weather satellite images, plus a broad interest in other images generated from space.  You can hear a NOAA APT satellite on an ordinary scanner with its whip antenna, it’s almost that simple!

To visit there website, click HERE

The following is taken from the GEO Website:

GEO was formed in 2003 to enable amateur reception of the new generation of weather and earth imaging satellites which are already in orbit or planned for launch in the near future.

Eumetsat’s MSG-3, with its spectacular images of Earth every 15 minutes, is an example of the latest satellite being received by the Group’s members. Members of the Group have experience in amateur radio, electronics, meteorology, oceanography, satellites, computing and publishing. “We just wish to share their skills freely with other amateurs.”

Click HERE to visit their website